Terms & Conditions

My Privilege terms of use:


1.1. These terms and conditions are operational only in India and open to participation of all the registered members, resident of India of www.kanchanexports.com, over and above the age of 18 years.

1.2. The program may be extended to other geographies and other audiences at www.kanchanexports.com’s discretion.

1.3. Membership will be offered to the MY Privilege(program brand name)

1.4. New Customers will gain membership to the program on registration. All existing customers are given a free membership to the program

1.5. Membership will be identified by a single registered email id confirmed by the registered member at time of first login on the www.kanchanexports.com’s webpage.

1.6.Two email id’s cannot be combined under a single membership.

1.7. Membership will be activated for existing and new members/customers as follows:

      i. Activated by default.

      ii. For new customers/member – on registering with www.kanchanexports.com.

1.8. Membership is valid for life until such time as www.kanchanexports.com decided to terminate this Website i.e., www.kanchanexports.com, with or without notice to its members.


2.1. Each member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable about the www.kanchanexports.com program Terms and Conditions and the number of points in his or her account.

2.2. www.kanchanexports.com will not be liable or responsible for correspondence lost or delayed in the mail/e-mail.

2.3. www.kanchanexports.com reserves the right to refuse, amend, vary or cancel membership of any Member without assigning any reason and without prior notification.

2.4. Any change in the name, address, or other information relating to the Member must be notified to www.kanchanexports.com via the Helpdesk/email by the Member, as soon as possible at [email protected]

2.5. www.kanchanexports.com reserves the right to add, modify, delete or otherwise change the Terms and Conditions without any approval, prior notice or reference to the Member.

2.6. In the event of dispute in connection with www.kanchanexports.com program and the interpretation of Terms and Conditions, www.kanchanexports.com’s decision shall be final and binding.

2.7. This Policy and these terms shall be read in conjunction with the standard legal policies of www.kanchanexports.com, including its Privacy policy.